Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Bit Of Nutritous Facts

Well, hi for everyone, there is a thought for a moment. Although I don't have what I baked for now, I'm having this good little info that I obtained from another sites. Most of these sites I've visited thought me the merely same thing, which is, the nature proves of the one and only healthy supplement, which is the WATER! Be it on its own, without any added disadvantages like the flavors, chemicals, or any pollutants, it's ready to be consumed by all of the lives on this planet!

I'm not talking about the recipes on water, but, indeed, I'm exposing you about the distinctions of water and any nutritous products of your health. As we know, the nature provides water for our daily lives for everyday as long as we are still alive on this planet. It is continuously cycled through the process routine that happens all the times. And for the fact that I believe most of you know out there, human can last without foods for 2-3 days, but still can last with just the supply of water for about a month. This is the truly amazing power of a water! Everyone can drink this just pure nature substance on its own, unless it has been polluted, contaminated, and premixed with any man-made materials. This can be caused by the over exposed to the non-friendly environments, blended with the greedy behavior of humans in nature in the name of a material lives.

I saw some site stated that there is a dangerous effects on using the plastic bottles as a container of drinking water, where this shouldn't happen if we are seriously encouraging the matter of life instead of the behaviour of it. If only humans can take the plain water as their daily beverage consumptions, then the biggest food factories doesn't have to invest a billion dolars to achieve a highly specified tanks to fill up the gases, the massive alumminium cans productions and so on. It will only produce the plain water tanks, as to be consumed by the dearest customers. Yet we could have all these sort of drinks and favorites, but in a controlled conditions. People can by the products with a limit number each day, or he/she have to have the pain water instead for the rest of the day. This surely can save the humankind and nature itself for an extra decade of ages, for sure.

What I'm hoping is not a direct decision for all, but let's think for it for a while. Couldn't we have a world that don't hurt us while we're alive after all?

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